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Country Style Home

Custom New Build Homes 

Custom new build homes are the perfect solution for those who want to create a living space that perfectly fits their lifestyle. With a custom build home, you have the freedom to every detail, from the layout and design to the finishes and fixtures. Whether you're looking for a modern, minimalist home or a cozy, traditional space, a custom new build home can help you achieve your dream home.


All the planning and organization takes place before your build begins, eliminating time and money being wasted during your build.  Before any work begins, plans for your home are developed, finalized and submitted to the permit office for review and approval.  Your careful selection of the right interior designer is also essential as they will guide you in tying all the finishes of your home, as well as the overall vision for your home together seamlessly.


Exterior walls, interior walls and the roof are built.  Once the houses’ framing is completed windows and doors are installed.  Our goal is to get to “lock up” as quickly as possible to protect your home from the elements.  Electrical and plumbing services are roughed in at this point as well as ducting for whatever heating and cooling system you have chosen for your home.  At this point, a structural inspection will take place as well as electrical and plumbing inspections.

Interior work

Walls and ceilings are painted, flooring is laid.  Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are installed.  Plumbing and electrical fixtures are installed, tile work and countertops are installed, interior doors and trim are installed as well.  


The land for your home is prepared and excavation is done.  The footings are formed and poured.  Servicing (water, electricity, phone and cable services) may be brought at this point also.  Foundation walls, drainage and then an inspection usually happen at this point.

Exterior work 

The exterior walls and roof are insulated and the vapour barrier is applied.  Heating and cooling systems are installed including fireplaces.  The siding finish of your choice is applied to the outside, along with eavestroughs, porches and decks.  Lot grading is done and your driveway and walkways are finished.

Completion and Hand-over 

At this point, our team is working hard at completing the final touches and a final professional clean is scheduled so your home will be move in ready.  We will do a final walk-through with you and any final last minute touch ups will be done.  On your possession date, we will hand you the keys to your new home!

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